US Grown VS China grown Hemp

US Grown VS China grown Hemp

Why you should care where your CBD comes from


When you hear about the miraculous effect of CBD products you probably go on the internet and try to get your hands on the best stuff. You will see how many aspects you need to consider and one if them and also one of the important one is where the company source their CBD product from. Before 2018 imported hemp was the answer but after the Farm Bill and legalization the world has changed. Let’s see how…


Where did Hemp come from?

Before the 2018 Farm Bill that federally allowed farmers to produce hemp legally in the US, China was the big supplier since they have been farming it for decades for industrial use. That includes everything from clothing, to paper, building materials, alternative fuels and the list goes on. However it used to be easier to purchase raw hemp from abroad, with hemp industry growing rapidly for the past several years imported goods’ quality seemed to start to go down. China grown strains got critics from consumers.



Why does it matter where Hemp grown?

You see, it is known that hemp require less care and can grow rich in every environment as oppose to marihuana, but that doesn’t mean it should be come from soil drained in heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides. Hemp as the ability to absorb all the toxins from the ground and clean the field around it so it is the ideal solution for regions suffering from droughts and poor soil conditions. It was also used and proposed as a solution to clean up toxic soil, most famously for the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. It is extremely important to ensure that Hemp used for its extracts comes from a safe, healthy and clean environment. Higher quality plants can be grown by using chemical-free fertilizers which result in more health benefits. 

How to make sure you are getting US grown hemp?


The easiest way is to ask and do your research about the company whom product you are planning to buy. High-end businesses with high-end products are proud of their quality and process so they will most likely state that on their website. Family owned and operated farms in the US are providing the most thoroughly tested CBD in the market. You should look for 3rd party inspected products, that are tested for foreign matter, heavy metal and pesticide. Choosing US grown hemp over imported one is the best you can do for yourself and for the economics. 


The China and US Trade Deal

After years of being one of the United States’s main sources of hemp imports, China will now be required to buy a lot more of the cannabis crop from the U.S. under a new trade deal. The Trade Deal states that China must spend more money on a list of 200 agricultural commodities of which hemp is included.

This is a huge win and a great development, since the used to be illegal Hemp now will be major source of the US GDP with growing and exporting.