The Rocket Grinder and one hitter

The Rocket Grinder and one hitter

They say the small things in life that makes us genuinely happy and they are not far from the truth. Well, the Rocket sure is small. It is also elegant, stylish and super convenient. The all in one grinder and one hitter was born to make your everyday smoking, vaporizing experience easy and effortless.  



What is to love about The Rocket? It is ever so subtle you never have to worry about judging eyes or what’s even worth waisting your substance when you are trying to grind it or fill it into a vaporizer. Its small size and ergonomically perfect line was designed with simplicity in mind. 



What is a grinder and why do I need it?

If you are new to of all this, you might want to know what a grinder is. It is a tool you use to break your hemp or marihuana up into small bits for vaporizers or for wrapping in rolling papers. Any other regular grinder will do the job, but you still need to load your substance and it can get tricky.  Even if you are super careful and don’t spill anything to the side it is still more effort, and you might won’t be able to do it on the go. That’s where The Rocket comes in.


How do I use The Rocket grinder?

It is literally one step way to hitting it. The Rocket has 5 parts. The first 2 is the 2 layer grinder. That is where you put your herb. During grinding the herb goes to the container, that ends into a funnel shaped whole, where you can also find the telescopic one hitter. The hitter fits right into this funnel, so when you take it out it is already filled with substance that is ready to smoke. You twist the pipe and extend it. There is a filter inside the pipe that keeps the herb in its place. You just heat the end up with a lighter and then just enjoy it. After filling up your vaporizer you put the telescopic pipe back into the funnel and twist the lid back on. That protects your grinder and keeps the hitter nice and clean.




How do I clean my grinder?

Tidy grinder is a mighty grinder. After several use your grinder can get sticky oily, but that can be easily fixed. The Rocket is made from stainless steel so you don’t need to worry about ruining it. The easiest way to clean it is removing the 2 layer grinder and soak the parts in the mix of strong rubbing alcohol and Epsom salt. (easily find in any drugstore) After soaking it for like 30 minutes to an hour just scrub between the grinder teeth with a tooth brush or a cotton swab. Rinse it again with alcohol and then water and voila! The herb container is covered with stylish leather, so we recommend if it needs to be cleaned just dip a toothbrush into rubbing alcohol and scrub it. Then rinse the inside and let it dry.


We hope this little piece was helpful ;) 


Enjoy your Rocket!