How to grind Cannabis for beginners?

How to grind Cannabis for beginners?

If this is your first time using an herb grinder, do not panic learning how to use one is a walk in the park. The design of the grinder makes it easy to use. But being prepared beforehand will not do any harm.

What makes the herb grinder worth it?

Yes, your fingers, a knife, or a pair of scissors will do the trick, but you can get more impact out of a herb grinder. Weed grinders will also not hurt your pocket and is very affordable. A reasonable 3-piece grinder is very economical, and you will get the most out of it.

And if you get a cannabis grinder that comes with a kief catcher, you will collect ingredients to make your bowl be on another level. While using your fingers or scissors you will lose the magical ingredient.



Why should you use a cannabis grinder?

Until now your scissors have done an amazing job, so why would you need a weed grinder now? Well, if you would like your smoke to be smoother, the weed grinder is the answer. Not only will you save yourself time by using a weed grinder, but it will make rolling a joint so much easier due to the product being finally grounded.

How to grind weed using a 3-chamber grinder?

Step 1: By loading your herb grinder decently. You cannot just put some product in and wait for the results. You need to break the larger pieces of weed into pieces that are more manageable and then dispense them along the teeth of the grinder. It does not have to be perfect but try to get them as evenly as possible. Remember that the central part of the grinder is very important for it to function. So, make sure there are not any buds in this area.


Step 2: How to grind cannabis for the first time?

When you close the lid, make sure that the center that is magnetic fits into place. When it is in place give it a few twists but do it gently. You will get to know your herb grinder as time goes on, but usually, 7 to 10 twists will do the trick.

Step 3: Retrieve the ground flower

To retrieve the section of a 3-chamber grinder that holds the ground result, grip the bottom of the grinder and use your other hand to detach the top 2 portions, by using a twisting movement to secure its lid. If you retrieve the chamber where the results are, the herbs can then be used.

The kief catcher

This is the 4th step. It can be removed easily, the same way as removing the 2 upper chambers in step 3. Sprinkle the kief or use the scraping tool to get the fine kief. Now add this to get a magical bowl.

If you are still deciding on a weed grinder, or still waiting for your weed grinder to be shipped, here is an old trick that can help you out for the meantime. Get a pair of scissors or a small glass container. Through the nug that is separated and starts snipping away, it might not be as thorough as the weed grinder. But until you get your weed grinder you can use this method.

When you get your herb grinder you will not only save time, but you will have smoother smoke, with results that are much cleaner.

Get yourself a weed grinder, make your life easier, and let your magical journey begin. It does not get better than this.