How to be a hemp grower

As Hemp is getting more and more popular these days you see this as a money-making opportunity and begin to research how to become a hemp grower. You scroll through article after article, still not getting the answers you want. Well, you have come to the right place because today we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about growing your own hemp.

To produce hemp, you first need to be licensed or authorized under a State hemp program, a Tribal hemp program, or the USDA hemp program. The program you are licensed under depends on the location of your hemp growing facility. 

The first step that you need to do is get in touch with your local state department of agriculture or your tribal government to see if there are production plans that have been submitted or approved by the USDA.

If your State or Tribe has a plan that is approved or in the process of developing a plan, you will need to apply and be licensed or authorized under its hemp program. 

If your State or Tribe does not have a hemp production plan that is approved or pending you may then apply for a USDA hemp production license. You cannot receive a hemp production license from a State, Tribe, or USDA if you have been convicted of a felony related to a controlled substance in the last 10 years. 


 All you have to know about Hemp farming

 Hemp farming is not as easy as just planting a seed in the ground and voila now you have a hemp farm. No! there is a lot more to it than you think. So let us get into it.

My first suggestion for you is to be patient and not wanting to rush into things.

Do your research thoroughly. First, learn everything there is to learn about growing hemp and your state and local hemp regulations. You can even go talk to hemp farmers that are in your area and get another perspective on things.

Now second on the list is set the goal you have in mind. What hemp products do you want to grow? Will it be CBD oil, seeds, or fiber?

The next step will be thinking about who your customers are going to be. Getting customers before you harvest your crop is going to make everything so much easier and faster in the end.

 Now we get to the part that always seems like a lot of work, jip you guessed it, the business plan.

Make sure that your business plan includes the following sections:

· A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis
· Local hemp market overview
· Sales strategy
· An operating plan
· An organizational structure

· Your financial plan, this must include your funding as well as your profit and    loss forecast 

Remember to keep your profit estimates reasonable.


One of the important steps is developing a plan for testing and compliance.

When starting a hemp farm, you will need to abide by the USDA’s strict guidelines regarding the THC content of your crop. Your hemp plants must stay below the 0.3 percent THC threshold.

 This means you need to test your plants frequently. A suggestion is testing your plants a month after the germination and then every 2 weeks.

 What type of irrigation system are you going to use?

 You can choose between the following systems:

  • surface drip irrigation
  • subsurface irrigation
  • pivot irrigation
  • and flood irrigation. 

Get your license or permit or get registered

The 2018 Farm Bill requires that every state creates and submit a “state hemp plan,” This plan includes information on how the state will track industrial hemp farming within its borders. So each state will have its own regulations when it comes to hemp farming.

You will need to get a license or permit to farm hemp in your state and also register at your local city.


Get in touch with your state’s agriculture department to determine the permissions that you need. To be extra safe, you can hire an attorney to make sure your paperwork is in order.

What is next on the list? Of course equipment and labor.

What equipment will you need to get the best hemp crop? Having a few extra hands to help you manage your hemp crop lookout for pests and make sure that your crop is in perfect condition will be a bonus.

 Prepping your fields

You will need to make sure that your soil is in a perfect condition to ensure that your plants will not only grow fast but strong too. Before you plant make sure that your soil is well-drained.

It is time for the exciting part! You know what it is, planting the seeds!

So you will need to decide if you want to invest in hemp seeds or hemp starts. Another important thing to look at is purchasing your seeds from a company that has been in business for a few years.


You now know how to farm hemp but here are a few facts that you may not have known:

  1. Hemp can grow nearly anywhere in the world. It helps purify the soil and can kill some types of weeds.
  2. “Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, created a plastic car in 1941 which ran on hemp and other plant-based fuels. The car’s fenders were made of hemp and other materials.” Ford had a plan to “grow automobiles from the soil.” 
  3. Levi jeans were originally made from hemp sailcloth and rivets and gold miners used them in California
  4. Hemp can grow without pesticides
  5. In parts of the America hemp, they used hemp to pay their taxes
  6. As a whole, hemp has the strongest natural fiber of any source

I hope you found this article interesting and helpful. Do your research, set up your business plan, and get busy with planting those seeds. What are you waiting for?