Can vaping cause a fire alarm to go off?

Let me give you a scenario. So, you and your family are having dinner at a restaurant and you are starting to get that nicotine withdrawal, you decide to make your way to the bathroom to have a few pulls. Before you take your first draw, you start to think can my vapor set off the fire alarm?


According to Alan Morgan from St Davids Fire, even a bit of cigarette smoke shouldn’t set off modern fire alarms, which have been designed to avoid false alarms.


But if you decide to vape indoors or you are extreme and want to vape on a plane, please don’t because there is still the small chance of the fire alarm going off, particularly if you vape big clouds.


Are there fire alarms that are more vulnerable to vapor?

You get different types of fire alarms and some are more likely to go off than others.


Ionization: This fire alarm is sensitive to small particles of smoke. They make use of two electrically charged radioactive plates. When the smoke particles then enter the fire alarm, they disrupt the electricity that is between the plates, and this causes the alarm to go off.


Optical alarms: These alarms work by beaming infrared light. Then when smoke particles enter the smoke alarm, they cause the infrared light to be scattered onto a light detector and this is when the alarm gets triggered.


Heat alarms: These alarms are used in kitchens and are not likely to detect vapor because they are responsive to heat rather than vapor.


How likely is my electronic cigarette to set off the fire alarm?

Luckily reports of vaporizers setting off fire alarms are rare. Smoke alarms are made to detect smoke, and electronic cigarettes produce vapor not smoke. The vapor also disappears faster than smoke.


But the use of PG and flavorings create larger particles than a kettle’s average steam. And according to Ohio University, fog machines, which contain propylene glycol too, can also set off fire alarms. Setting off an average fire alarm with your vapor is unlikely, but it can still happen.


Is it safe for me to vape in a hotel room?


 It is all about the hotel’s vape policy. Some hotels do not have a vaping policy, while others totally forbid vaping. Take note that hotel rooms often have more sensitive alarms than an office or house.


See what this commenter on Reddit had to say about vaping in a hotel room.


Here are a few tips when vaping in a hotel room:

  • Take note where the fire alarm is and vape a distance away from it
  • If you are going to vape big clouds make sure to do that in Infront of an open window.


Will my e-cigarette let the fire alarm go off in the plane?

Fire alarms in planes are very sensitive and most of the airlines will not allow you to use your standard e-cigarette on the plane. Imagine the following extreme scenario. You are on the plane and yes you guessed it, you start to get that nicotine withdrawal again and decide to make your way to the bathroom. You take your first draw and boom the fire alarm goes off. The pilot is forced to do an emergency landing just because you could not wait. What is the consequence of your actions? You have to spend a night in jail. Okay, okay I know this is an extreme example, but do you really want to take the chance of spending a night in jail or getting a hefty fine? I did not think so…



See what had to say about can an e-cigarette set off a fire alarm. 


Now that we have discussed vaping and fire alarms. We can look at sinuses and vaping. We can look at our noses being our own fire alarm of our bodies.


We now get to the question, is vaping good for sinus?

Well, a commenter on Quora said that since he decided to switch from smoking to vaping “My taste and smell improved a lot. It continues improving for the next months.” 


According to after 48 hours of switching from smoking to vaping you will see the following results: 


“After 48 hours have passed, your body will continue to thank you for switching to vaping and kicking your cigarette smoking habit. You will probably notice around this time that your sense of taste has improved, so foods and drinks will be even more enjoyable than they have been since you starting smoking. On top of that, your sense of smell will also become keener, so you will notice more fragrances that you were missing out on while you were smoking. This is all possible because your body will be able to begin repairing the receptors within your mouth and your nose that had become damaged as a result of the toxins in the cigarettes you were smoking.”


After 3 days

After you have noticed these improvements in the first 2 days it won't be any surprise that your body will continue to become stronger on day 3. The next thing that is going to improve is your breathing.


“Breathing is easier than it was while you were smoking because you are no longer exposing yourself to the tar that was clogging and irritating your bronchial tubes. As these tubes become relaxed and clear, former smokers notice their energy levels increase and breathing is less difficult.” 


I’m mentioning the improvement of breathing too because I feel that it goes together with your smell. Have you ever had the flu and your nose was all blocked up? Well, then you should know that breathing was more difficult, and you would breathe through your mouth. And with switching to vaping we see that it does not only improve your smell but your breathing too.


We have come to the end of this article. I hope you guys found this article interesting and helpful. Let us know if you have ever set off a fire alarm and how your senses have improved since switching to vaping. Happing vaping!



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