Are expensive grinders worth it?

Are expensive grinders worth it?

Did you ever think while on your vaping journey that you will spend more money on a grinder than your actual vaporizer? While if you are grinding large amounts of herbs at once an expensive grinder may be worth it.


Let us see what makes expensive grinders better than the rest


1.  The quality and the build are better

With expensive grinders, you can count on having great machining meaning the grinder will turn smoother and you will also have a better grip. Not only will it be easier to turn the grinder, but it will also be easier to disassemble.

2.  The teeth are more durable and sharper

When you have a high-end grinder, the teeth will last longer. The more expensive grinders have sharp teeth to break down your buds into the finest fluffiest consistency. The sharper the teeth the quicker and easier it will cut.

3.  The ability to separate the pollen

It is not just the materials of the herb grinder that makes it expensive it is also the complexity that will influence the price. The more functions the grinder has the more you will pay for it.

4.  Cleaning is easier

When you buy a grinder that is more expensive, the extra cost is because the material the grinder is made of is more durable. Materials such as aluminum, alloy, and stainless steel is used to make the grinder stronger. When it comes to cleaning your grinder, it is super easy when you have an all-metal grinder.

How to clean your grinder?

Pour some rubbing alcohol into a bowl or a mason jar then disassemble your    grinder.

Now put the grinder into the rubbing alcohol and let it soak for a day or two. All the resin in your grinder will now be something of the past.

What are the benefits of using a really good grinder? Let’s see what reddit has to say about that.

It all came down to them saying that it depends on how much you grind in a day if you are grinding ounces a day you will need to invest in a more expensive grinder.

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Best herb grinders 2020


1. Space Case Grinder Titanium (4-Piece, Medium Size)

This grinder is the best if you want to catch that kief. If you are not too fond of the cleaning part do not worry you do not need to clean this grinder. It is also scratch-resistant. If you thought that it could not get better than this, it has a lifetime warranty.

2. The Rocket Grinder

Grind your herbs with the most sophisticated grinder on the market today. Carry your herbs around in the most discrete way, on your keychain. Fill up your vaporizer with herbs without spill, right to the heating chamber. Yes! Taking off the mouthpiece doesn't only allow you to fill up a chamber, it is also a one-hitter pipe, for extra convenience on-the-go. Just another reason to not forget your keychain at home!

3. Santa Cruz Shredder 

(4-Piece, Medium Size)This grinder is the best for convection vaporizers. If you like your herbs fluffy then this is the grinder for you. When it comes to cleaning it has a medical-grade ultrasonic cleansing procedure. To top this off it comes with a lifetime warranty!

4. Sharpstone 2.0 (4-Piece, Medium Size)

It has a zinc coating to prevent the aluminum flakes from coming off. It is affordable keeping in mind its quality and built. It also comes with a lifetime warranty!


Now that you have seen that it pays to buy an expensive grinder because it will not only last you longer but it will give you that fluffy consistency to create that perfect bowl you are looking for.