Multifunctional Keychain

Multifunctional Keychain

Take advantage of the convenience offered by the amazing Rocket! The elegant keychain carries 4 different functionalities, making it one of the best accessories for the smoking/vaping community.

What is The Rocket?

Grind lose-leaf with the most sophisticated grinder on the market today. 
Carry your lose-leaf around in the most discrete way, on your keychain.
Fill up your vaporizer with lose-leaf without spill, right to the heating chamber.

AND Yes!  Taking off the  mouthpiece doesn't only allow you to fill up a chamber, it is also a one-hitter pipe, for extra convenience on-the-go.






  • Convenient

  • Amazing hardware

  • Your discrete keychain

  • Built to last

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Do you offer FREE shipping?

Yes, we ship free in USA

Does lose-leaf really fall through the holes?

As we know it, the more fresh lose-leaf is, the more they stick together. You might need to tap or shake it for lose-leaf to fall through grinder and funnel.

Where is the optional screen?

You can install a screen (included in box) right under the grinder. Most of the grinders have screen under. If you use it without, you can let the lose-leaf fall right in the carrying container.

What if I want to keep the lose-leaf in the grinder part?

The Rocket comes with the parts that allows to you put a screen on the bottom of the grinder, if you don't want the lose-leaf to fall right in the container.